​​Current importation activities

1 – Baby food and baby milk. 
2 - Pharmaceutical and industrial chemicals.

 Licensed to import:           
   - Food and beverage, dairy and baby milk.
  - Requirements of the food industry.
 - Grains, seeds and pulses of different kinds – both dried and ground.
 - Cocoa and coffee – both ground and raw.
  - Drugs and pharmaceutical chemicals, requirements for the production of industrial,
 - Medical and pharmaceutical products.
 - Ambulance vehicles.
 - Medicines and food products prepared from fish oils.
 - All types of Petrochemicals, plastics and water-treatment chemicals, gases and alloys, 
 - Enzymes and various industrial yeasts.
 - All kinds of colors and catalysts.
 - Medical equipment and accessories.
 - Cosmetics, soaps – manufacture, import and pack.
 - Textiles, clothes and carpets of all types.
 - Frozen meat, frozen and live poultry, food flavors
 - Fish and seafood - fresh and frozen.
 - Fresh fruits and vegetables and juices - fresh and packed.
 - All agricultural activities including fertilizers and agricultural chemicals of any kind.
 - Agricultural pesticides and public health pesticides and household pesticides and Fertilizers.
 -  Fishing nets and accessories
 - Special equipment for hunting birds and aquatic organisms
 - Construction materials and equipment.
 - Paper, timber and pipes of all kinds.
 - Leather accessories and products.
 - Pumps of all kinds and all spare parts.
 - Home and office furniture.
 - Musical instruments and accessories and spare parts, all publications and sheet  

   music and everything related to them.

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